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Información General

  • Título: ティーンコート~10代裁判~
  • Título (romaji): Teen Court ~10-dai no Saiban~
  • Formato: Renzoku
  • Género: Drama
  • Capítulos: 11
  • Cadena: NTV
  • Período de emisión: 10-Enero-2012 al TBA
  • Horario: Martes 23:58


The setting for the series is modeled after actual teen courts in the United States, which allow juveniles who have committed minor offenses to have their cases heard by their peers. The teen courts generally hand down sentences of community service, following principles of restorative justice.

In the drama, a 2nd-year high school student named Nyakouji Misato serves as a prosecutor in teen court. Although the cases she deals with have already been investigated, she teams up with Saburo, a boy in her class, to re-investigate until her own curiosity has been satisfied. From her perspective as a high school girl, she notices things such as an odd use of emoji in an email, or an unnatural pose in a picture, leading her to discover the real truth behind each incident. -- Tokyograph


Datos Técnicos

Enlaces de Interés

Otoño 2011 NTV Primavera 2012
-- Martes 23:58 --